What is Counselling/Psychotherapy?

Therapy is an effective way of dealing with personal problems. It provides a safe environment in which to talk things over and explore your feelings in a non-judgemental setting, often impossible to find elsewhere.

Therapy works by helping you understand how your life experiences are affecting you in the present, influencing the way that you think, and the way that you relate to yourself and others. 

It's not easy. I do not tell you what to do. I aim to give you choices. To explore options that you may not have considered. 

My approach is called psychodynamic, which simply means that we work together. Two psyches (minds) interacting dynamically. I am not limited by any one theory or technique. Instead, I work with any and every technique that is relevant to the situation. 

I am a professionally qualified and experienced therapist offering help for a wide range of problems and issues.

 Everything discussed with me is confidential. If you are willing to be honest with yourself and prepared to work, you can change your life.